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    Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship for Iraqi Citizens

    Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship for Iraqi Citizens

    Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship for Iraqi Citizens

    There are procedures to be followed and documents to be prepared by Iraq citizens who want to work in any institution/company in Turkey, obtain a residence permit accordingly, and acquire the citizenship of the Republic of Turkey after a certain period of time. We are aware of how difficult this process, which is often long, complicated and tiring, is for foreigners who do not know Turkey well and cannot speak or understand Turkish well, and Turkish employers who want to employ these foreigners in their organization.

    As InForeigner, we are ready in every way to assist you in these processes with our experienced experts.

    InForeigner experts provide consultancy services to foreigners you wish to work with, regarding the official applications to be made to the relevant Ministries and institutions, the documents to be submitted during these applications, the procedures to be carried out and the steps to be followed so that they can reside and work in Turkey without any problems.

    Information on the processes to be followed and the documents to be prepared in order to acquire Turkish citizenship are given below. Information on work permit and residence permit can be found in other tabs.

    Inforeigner is waiting for you at our office to assist you in obtaining Residence Permit, Work Permit, Residence Permit and Turkish Citizenship.



    Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship by Birth

    Turkish citizenship acquired by birth is automatically acquired on the basis of lineage or place of birth. Citizenship acquired by birth takes effect from the moment of birth.



    A child born within or outside of Turkey from a Turkish citizen mother or father in a marriage union is a Turkish citizen.

    A child born out of wedlock to a Turkish citizen mother and a foreign father is a Turkish citizen.

    A child born outside the marriage union of a Turkish citizen father and a foreign mother acquires Turkish citizenship if the procedures and principles that ensure the establishment of lineage are met.


    Place of birth

    A child born in Turkey who cannot acquire citizenship of any country by birth due to foreign parents is a Turkish citizen from birth.

    A child who has been in Turkey is deemed to have been born in Turkey unless otherwise proven.


    Conditions for Subsequent Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship

    • If an Iraq citizen who wants to acquire Turkish citizenship accepts dual citizenship in his/her own State: if he/she meets the conditions specified in the Republic of Turkey Citizenship Law, he/she can acquire Turkish citizenship by the decision of the competent authority.
    • However, it should be emphasized that meeting the required conditions does not provide an absolute right to acquire citizenship. In other words, it is not possible for everyone who meets the conditions to acquire Turkish citizenship. Because it is a matter that falls under the sovereignty of states to give citizenship to whom and to whom it will not.
    • Prerequisites for application


    For Iraq citizens who want to acquire Turkish citizenship following conditions must be met;

    • To be mature and capable of discernment according to their own national law or, if stateless, according to Turkish laws
    • To reside in Turkey for five consecutive years, backwards from the date of application,
    • Confirming with his/her actions that he/she has decided to settle in Turkey (To prove that he/she has decided to settle in Turkey, fulfilling one or more of the following conditions to be convincing: acquiring real estate in Turkey. Establishing a business in Turkey. To invest. To transfer the business center to Turkey. To work in a workplace subject to a work permit in Turkey. To marry a Turkish citizen. To apply for Turkish citizenship as a family. To have a mother, father, sibling or child who previously acquired Turkish citizenship. Having completed his/her education in Turkey.)
    • Not have a disease that poses a danger to general health,
    • To have a sense of responsibility for the society, to have good morals and to be reliable,
    • Being able to speak Turkish enough,
    • To have an income or profession that will provide for himself and his dependents in Turkey,
    • Not to be in a situation that would constitute an obstacle in terms of national security and public order

    In addition to the above-mentioned conditions, Iraq citizens who want to acquire Turkish citizenship may also be required to renounce their state citizenship. The determination of the principles regarding the use of this discretion is under the authority of the Council of Ministers.


    The following files are rejected:

    The files of those whose status is stated below are rejected by the governorships of the place of residence where the application is made.

    • Without a legal residence permit or who do not show the intention to settle in Turkey, although it is legal
    • Asylum or asylum applicant
    • As an asylum seeker living in Turkey
    • Student resident
    • Tourist resident
    • Residency for the purpose of accompanying his/her child
    • Resident for medical treatment
    • Persons who are under trial or convicted or detained for any crime.
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