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    Turkey Health Insurance for Azerbaijan Citizens

    Turkey Health Insurance for Azerbaijan Citizens

    Turkey Health Insurance for Azerbaijan Citizens

    Dear visitor, welcome to our Turkey Health Insurance for Azerbaijan citizens page. Azerbaijan citizens who want to obtain a residence permit in Turkey must have foreign health insurance. The insurance period should also cover the duration of the residence permit type.

    Private foreign health insurances made outside Turkey are only valid if they are signed by the domestic branches (agents) of the insurance companies.

    Persons with bilateral social security agreements must have their status confirmed by the city social security units. In addition, they are required to attach the official documents they will receive from this directorate to the application documents.

    In family residence permit applications, the sponsor must have a foreign health insurance covering all family members.

    In private health insurances, the following phrase must be present: “This policy covers the minimum insurance structure determined in the circular of private health insurances to be issued in residence permit requests, dated 06/06/2014 and numbered 9”.

    Valid insurance conditions are not sought for foreigners whose health related expenses are covered by the relevant public institutions during their stay in Turkey.

    Provision documents to be brought form the Social Security Institution should be both supportive and include family members. In addition, these documents must have the stamp and e-signature/wet signature of the relevant unit.

    In case of students, a valid insurance is not obligatory, as they are covered by general insurance within three months from the date of enrollment, if students so desire. However, they are required to take out general health insurance within three months and notify the Provincial Directorate of Migration Management.

    No insurance is required for those under the age of 18 or over the age of 65. However, those who already have valid insurance must present their documents.

    In addition, by reviewing our Foreign Health Insurance Calculation page, you can easily find out how much you need to pay for the health insurance required for Turkey residence permit application. However, you can contact us for further support from our contact page for your Turkey visa, Turkey e-visa, short-term residence, indefinite (long-term) residence, family and student residence permit, work permit, Turkish citizenship and deport (out of borders) procedures.

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