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    Turkey Student Residence Permit for Indian Citizens

    Turkey Student Residence Permit for Indian Citizens

    Turkey Student Residence Permit for Indian Citizens

    A person can apply for a student residence permit in Turkey, if he/she has enrolled in a program such as Associate Degree, Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctorate and this program is recognized by the Higher Education Institution. This residence permit is issued for 1 year and is renewed every year during the education period.

    Indian students who want to enter Turkey with this residence permit are required to obtain a Turkey student visa through the Turkish consulates in their country of residence. They must apply for a student residence permit within 30 days of entering the country. Although the residence permit period to be granted is as long as the education period, it cannot be kept longer. Undergraduate, associate degree, graduate and doctorate students whose residence permit applications are approved are entitled to work permits, provided that they do not exceed 24 hours a week, and they can earn income in this way.

    Foreigners who come to Turkey with a student residence permit can also apply for a residence permit for their spouse and dependent children under the age of 18.


    How to Obtain Student Residence Permit?

    It is necessary to start from the online stage about how to get a student residence permit. For the residence permit, the process should be started by filling out the online pre-application form on the immigration administration website. Here, information about your citizenship, information about the school you are enrolled in and how you will make a living during your residence permit are asked. If the information received from you here creates a conflict or conflict with the documents you submit, these forms are very important as the reliability of your application will be questioned.

    After you fill out the pre-application form, the days and hours of the Provincial Immigration Administration in your province of residence will be opened. After you choose the time period that suits you best, you are expected to be there on time with the documents you need to submit for your application. It is obligatory to actually participate in the application and submit the required documents with the preliminary application form. If the application process is completed and missing documents or additional documents are not requested and your application is positive, your student residence address will be delivered to the residence address you specified in the pre-application form by cargo.


    Documents Required for Turkey Student Residence Permit

    In this context, applicants are obliged to prepare all the documents included in the list of documents required for student residence permit and to submit them officially on the application day.

    • Residence permit online application form
    • Original and photocopy of passport or equivalent official document valid for at least 60 days more than the number of residence days applied for
    • 4 biometric photographs with white background taken in the last 6 months
    • Health insurance (valid for the entire duration of residence)
    • Receipts of payment of the specified fees to the state
    • Notarized version of the rental contract or deed of the address declared to be resident during the period of stay in Turkey
    • E-signed student certificate of active education
    • If there are other documents to be submitted as a reason for student residence;
    • Visa obtained from foreign embassies of Turkey
    • Enrollment certificate from the Turkish training course directed by the place of education
    • Documentation of proof for persons coming under a different international student exchange program.
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