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    Turkey Short-term Residence Permit for Iraqi Citizens

    Turkey Short-term Residence Permit for Iraqi Citizens

    Turkey Short-term Residence Permit for Iraqi Citizens

    The short-term Turkey residence permit is the type of visa under the scope of Foreigners and International Law No. 6458 for foreigners nationals who will stay in Turkey for more than 90 days. The appropriate documents of the foreigners coming to Turkey must submitted to the Turkish Consulate if abroad, or to the Provincial Immigration Authorities, if in Turkey. An Iraq citizen can stay in Turkey for touristic purposes or for work and has the right to apply for residence permit as long as he/she can prove their purpose of stay. Iraq citizens who can apply for a short term residence permit in Turkey are as follows;

    • Iraq citizens who came to Turkey for the purpose of scientific research: certificate of acceptance from the institution in Turkey, where the relevant scientific research will be carried out as well as leave documents must be submitted
    • Iraq citizens who own immovable property in Turkey: It is required that the immovable property is residential and used for living purposes. In addition, if the Iranian citizens has a share on the immovable property, his/her spouse, child under 18 and dependent adult child may also request a residence permit.
    • Iraq citizens who have commercial ties or will establish a new venture: In this case, the Iraq citizen must submit the invitation letter or other document required from the person or company that is in Turkey.
    • Iraq citizens who will be in Turkey within the scope of in-service training: In this case, documented proof of the in-service training must be presented
    • Iraq citizens who will come to Turkey under the scope of student exchange programs: In this case, documented proof regarding the exchange program are requested. In addition, in both cases, Turkey residence permit that shall be given shall not exceed the duration of the program.
    • Iraq citizen who will visit Turkey for touristic purposes: Details regarding date of arrival and place of accommodation will be requested from the foreign national.
    • Iraq citizens who will travel to Turkey for the purpose of medical treatment: Doctors and hospital reports regarding their treatment are requested from the foreigner, provided that they do not have any diseases that endanger public health. In addition, as regulated by law, a residence permit can be issued for a maximum of two companions with the patient.
    • Iraq citizens who will stay in Turkey at the request of the judicial and administrative authorities: Duration determined by the authorities based on the foreign national’s desire to stay in Turkey.
    • Iraq citizens who lost their family residence permit conditions: A short-term residence permit can be issued to Iraq citizens staying in Turkey with a family residence permit in case of divorce or a petition of divorce (this process is not required if domestic violence is proven in the court).
    • Iraq citizens coming for Turkish language education: It must be a course with permission from the Ministry of Education. It is the type of Turkey student visa that is issued for a maximum of 2 years.
    • The Iraq citizens sent to Turkey within the scope of public service: It is a visa process category that requests information and documents from the public institution to which an Iraq citizen is sent to Turkey for purposes like training, internship, etc.
    • Iraq citizens who have completed higher education in Turkey and have applied for residence permit within 6 months. It is given once only for a maximum of 1 year.
    • Iraq citizens investing with the amount determined by the Council of Ministers: Residence permit can be granted for a maximum of five years. In addition, the applicant’s spouse and dependent children can apply.


    Documents required for short-term residence permit applications;

    • Documents certifying the purpose of stay in Turkey
    • Documents (title deed, rental agreement, etc.) showing that they meet the conditions of accommodation in accordance with the general health and safety conditions.
    • Criminal record history
    • Passport, 2 photos and income documents, if available / requested

    It is also possible that the short-term residence permit application is rejected, canceled or not extended. The most common reasons for refusal are; failure to meet the conditions of residence, use of residence other than the purpose for which it was given, entry ban or deport decision against the applicant, violation of the duration of stay abroad.


    Turkey Touristic Residence Permit for Iraq Citizens

    Iraq citizens who want to extend their stay (exceeding 90 days) for tourism purposes must apply for a short-term residence permit on touristic grounds. They will be asked for a document regarding which time intervals and for how long they will stay in this period. Additional documents regarding the travel plan may be requested in case of negotiations.

    In the past years, it was possible to apply for an extension of residence permit for touristic reasons, but with the new application, foreigners who have obtained a residence permit for touristic reasons cannot request an extension again on the grounds of tourism. They must request an extension for different reasons.

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