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    Turkey Residence Permit for Philippines Citizens

    Turkey Residence Permit for Philippines Citizens

    Turkey Residence Permit for Philippines Citizens

    Dear visitor, welcome to our Turkey Residence Permit for Philippines citizens page.

    A Philippines citizen wishing to travel to Turkey for purposes exceeding 90 days, to live in Turkey, to work, to study, or to move to live with a relative in Turkey, must apply for a residence permit in accordance with their purpose before they come to Turkey. A Philippines citizen before traveling to Turkey can apply for the most appropriate residence permit visa via the Turkish foreign representatives authorities located in Philippines. According to the purpose of stay in Turkey, residence permits can be grouped into 6 types. These are short-term residence permit, long-term residence permit, family residence permit, student residence permit, humanitarian residence permit and human trafficking victim residence permit. Turkey work permit visa can be evaluated within the scope of these groups. A Philippines, just like other foreign nationals, can apply for a short-term or long-term residence permit.


    Short-Term Residence Permit

    The Turkey Short-Term Residence Permit is the type of visa under the scope of Foreigners and International Law No. 6458 for foreign nationals who will stay in Turkey for more than 90 days. The appropriate documents of the foreigners coming ot Turkey must be submitted to the Turkish Consulate, if abroad or to the Provincial Immigration Authorities, if in Turkey. A Philippines citizen can stay in Turkey for touristic purposes or for work and has the right to apply for residence permit as long as he/she can prove their purpose of stay. Indonesian citizens who can apply for a short-term residence permit are as follows:

    • Philippines citizens who came to Turkey for the purpose of scientific research: certificate of acceptance from the institution in Turkey, where the relevant scientific research will be carried out as well as leave documents must be submitted
    • Philippines citizens who own immovable property in Turkey: It is required that the immovable property is residential and used for living purposes. In addition, if the Philippines citizens has a share on the immovable property, his/her spouse, child under 18 and dependent adult child may also request a residence permit.
    • Philippines citizens who have commercial ties or will establish a new venture: In this case, the Philippines citizen must submit the invitation letter or other document required from the person or company that is in Turkey.
    • Philippines citizens who will be in Turkey within the scope of in-service training: In this case, documented proof of the in-service training must be presented
    • Philippines citizens who will come to Turkey under the scope of student exchange programs: In this case, documented proof regarding the exchange program are requested. In addition, in both cases, Turkey residence permit that shall be given shall not exceed the duration of the program.
    • Philippines citizen who will visit Turkey for touristic purposes: Details regarding date of arrival and place of accommodation will be requested from the foreign national.
    • Philippines citizens who will travel to Turkey for the purpose of medical treatment: Doctors and hospital reports regarding their treatment are requested from the foreigner, provided that they do not have any diseases that endanger public health. In addition, as regulated by law, a residence permit can be issued for a maximum of two companions with the patient.
    • Philippines citizens who will stay in Turkey at the request of the judicial and administrative authorities: Duration determined by the authorities based on the foreign national’s desire to stay in Turkey.
    • Philippines citizens who lost their family residence permit conditions: A short-term residence permit can be issued to Indonesian citizens staying in Turkey with a family residence permit in case of divorce or a petition of divorce (this process is not required if domestic violence is proven in the court).
    • Philippines citizens coming for Turkish language education: It must be a course with permission from the Ministry of Education. It is the type of Turkey student visa that is issued for a maximum of 2 years.
    • The Philippines citizens sent to Turkey within the scope of public service: It is a visa process category that requests information and documents from the public institution to which an Philippines citizen is sent to Turkey for purposes like training, internship, etc.
    • Philippines citizens who have completed higher education in Turkey and have applied for residence permit within 6 months. It is given once only for a maximum of 1 year.
    • Philippines citizens investing with the amount determined by the Council of Ministers: Residence permit can be granted for a maximum of five years. In addition, the applicant’s spouse and dependent children can apply.


    Documents Required for Short-Term Residence Permit Applications

    • Documents certifying the purpose of stay in Turkey
    • Documents (title deed, rental agreement, etc.) showing that they meet the conditions of accommodation in accordance with the general health and safety conditions.
    • Criminal record history
    • Passport, 2 photos and income documents, if available / requested

    Long Term Residence Permit

    Long term residence permit is a type of Turkey residence permit within the scope of Foreigners and Protection Law No. 6458. A foreigner cannot apply directly for a long-term residence permit. For this he/she must prove that he/she lived in Turkey uninterrupted for at least 8 years. While calculating the 8-year uninterrupted residence, half of the student residence permits and all other types of residence permits are calculated. Long-term residence, permanent residence is organized by the governorships with the approval of the Ministry.

    In long-term residence permit in Turkey application, the duration is not specified. In other words, when this type of residence is acquired, the right to permanent residence is obtained. The conditions for applying for long-term residence are as follows;

    • Residing in Turkey for 8 years continuosly
    • Not having received social assistance in the last 3 years
    • Having financial means to support oneself and their family, if any
    • Have valid health insurance
    • Not to pose a threat to public safety and order


    Indonesian citizens who have been issued long term residence permit can benefit from all rights that are available to Turkish citizens except for Military service, voting or contesting in elections and other government duties.

    It is possible for residence permits to be rejected, cancelled or extended. If the Indonesian citizen stays abroad for a period more than 1 year, or poses a threat to social order and security. Permission revocation is executed by the governorships. If the Philippines citizen’s reason for staying abroad is health, education or a compulsory public duty in his/her own country, this will not lead to a cancellation. Persons who have lost their long-term residence right can apply again to the consulates if abroad and to the Provincial Immigration Directorates if they are in Turkey and apply for long-term residence. In re-application, the condition of staying uninterrupted for 8 years is not sought again and the file is examined with priority and the result is reported within 1 month.


    Turkey Residence Permit for Philippines Citizens

    Below we will discuss the types of Turkey Residence Permits; namely, Turkey Touristic, Turkey Family Permit, Turkey Residence Permit Application Refusal.


    Turkey Touristic Residence Permit for Philippines Citizens

    Citizens of countries where Turkey applies a visa are required to obtain a visa before coming to our country. Foreigners who come to Turkey for holiday, travel and tourism purposes must apply for a Turkey Tourist Visa.

    Philippines citizens who want to extend their stay for tourism purposes must apply for a short-term residence permit on touristic grounds.  They will be asked for a document regarding which time intervals and for how long they will stay in this period. Additional documents regarding the travel plan may be requested in case of negotiations.


    How to Get a Turkey Tourist Visa?

    As a rule, tourist visa applications are received from the foreign representative of the Republic of Turkey of the foreigner’s permanent residence. However, citizens of some countries can make their tourist visa applications electronically without actually going to the foreign representative office. A document showing the income status, a document supporting the return, a hotel reservation and an invitation is requested from the foreigner applying for a visa. The purpose here is to ensure that the person is checked whether his visit is suitable for his purpose.

    Philippines citizens who apply for a visa to Turkey are required to have a valid passport or passport valid for at least 60 days after the expiry of the Turkey visa.

    In order to come to Turkey, in cases where the Philippines citizen applies for a tourist visa with an invitation letter, the identity number, residence address, contact number of the invited Turkish citizen, the duration of the foreigner’s stay and the purpose for which he / she will stay must be specified in the invitation letter. In cases where the person applying for a visa has a kinship relationship with the inviting Turkish citizen, this is required to be stated in the invitation letter. In addition, in cases where the invitee states that the person will bear all accommodation expenses, the applicant is not required to have sufficient financial order. In this case, a document showing the income status of the inviting person is required.

    Required Documents for Turkey Tourist Visa

    Philippines citizens who apply for a tourist visa through the Turkish Foreign Representative Office are required to prepare all the documents on the appointment day and come to the appointment in person. In electronic visa applications, the online application form will be filled, the requested documents will be scanned and uploaded to the system.

    Documents are required:

    • Passport or valid substitute document;
    • Biometric Photography;
    • Document showing the income status or the income status of the inviting person;
    • Flight reservation;
    • Hotel reservation or invitation;
    • Document supporting the return (title deed, workplace permit, payroll, bank receipt, etc.);
    • Travel insurance.

    In the past years, it was possible to apply for an extension of residence permit for touristic reasons, but with the new application, foreigners who have obtained a residence permit for touristic reasons cannot request an extension, again on the grounds of tourism. They must request an extension for different reasons.

    Turkey Family Permit for Philippines Citizens

    Turkey Family Residence Permit is regulated in Articles 34 and 37 of the Law on Foreigners and International Protection, and is a type of short-term residence permit granted to foreign family members in order to protect family unity. It is given to foreign nationals in family status. Permission to foreign nationals is given through the person referred to by the law as “sponsor”.

    Who Is This Permit Given To?

    This permit is given to Republic of Turkey citizens, those included in the 28th article of the Law No.5901 or foreigners who have one of the legal residence permits in Turkey, refugees and subsidiary protection status holders’ ;

    1. Foreign national spouse;
    2. To his / her spouse’s or his / her underage foreign national child;
    3. To his or his spouse’s dependent foreign child;

    How to Get a Turkey Family Residence Permit?

    The legislation for Turkey Family Residence Permit has not limited the sponsor only to Turkish citizens, but has interpreted it broadly. Not only foreigners who are married to a Turkish citizen, but also foreigners who have legal residence permits in Turkey, refugees and foreigners who are married to foreigners with secondary protection can apply. In this case, an Philippines sponsor can obtain a residence permit for his/her spouse, as well as obtain a residence permit in Turkey for his/her own children and children who are dependent on his/her spouse.

    If the Philippines sponsor has more than one spouse, only one of the spouses is granted a family residence permit. However, all children of the Philippines sponsor are granted a residence permit within the scope of family residence. If one of the parents with joint custody is abroad in the applications of the children, the consent of the mother or father who is abroad is sought. Children living in Turkey within the scope of family residence can continue their education in educational institutions without taking student residence until they reach the age of maturity.

    Children who have resided in Turkey for at least 3 years with a family residence permit and are of age can be converted to a short-term residence permit if they request it. Philippines citizens who have been married to Turkish citizens and have been residing with a family residence permit for at least 3 years can apply for a short-term residence permit in case of divorce. However, in cases where it is determined by the court decision that the foreign spouse has been victimized due to domestic violence, the 3-year requirement is not sought.


    In How Many Days Is The Turkey Family Residence Permit Issued?

    Family Residence Permit is issued for a maximum of 3 years and in any case, if the sponsor is a foreign national, it cannot exceed the duration of the sponsor’s residence permit.

    According to the Law on Foreigners, the sponsor must meet the following conditions. If the Indonesian sponsor does not fulfill these conditions, his/her’s application within the scope of family residence permit will not be accepted.

    • General health insurance covering the sponsor and the foreign national person who will obtain a residence permit;
    • The sponsor’s monthly income must be at least 1/3 of the minimum wage per individual;
    • The sponsor has not committed a crime against family order in the last 5 years;
    • The sponsor has been residing in Turkey for at least 1 year and is registered in the address registration system;
    • Spouses are not younger than eighteen years old.

    Documents Required for Turkey Family Residence Permit

    The list of documents requested from the sponsor and the foreigner in the Family Residence Permit application varies according to the status of the sponsor.

    Documents Required from Philippines Citizens Married to a Turkish Citizen:

    • Residence Permit Form
    • Original and photocopy of the Passport
    • 4 photographs
    • Marriage Registration Certificate
    • Original and photocopy of the marriage registration of the sponsor
    • Health insurance (It should be to cover all family members);
    • Document showing the income level of the sponsor;
    • Criminal record certificate;
    • Certificate of residence.


    Documents Required from Foreigners Marrying Foreign Spouse with Residence Permit in Turkey:

    • Application form
    • Original and photocopy of the passport;
    • 4 photographs;
    • Original and photocopy of the spouse’s passport;
    • Original and photocopy of the sponsor’s residence or work permit (original and photocopy of this document in cases where the sponsor is a refugee or has secondary protection status);
    • Marriage registration certificate;
    • Document showing the income level of the sponsor;
    • Health insurance (It should be to cover all family members);
    • Criminal record certificate (Persons residing in Turkey for more than 5 years are not required to bring a criminal record from their country.);
    • Certificate of residence


    Turkey Visa Denial for Philippines Citizens

    It is possible for the visa application made by the Philippines citizen before traveling to Turkey to result in a refusal. Receiving a visa refusal does not mean that the Philippines citizen cannot apply for a visa again and that he/she can never enter that country. However, failing to adequately state the purpose of travel during the Turkey visa application process, or lack of sufficient financial documents supporting the planned travel can lead to visa refusal.

    Before a visa refused Philippines citizen re-applies, he or she should make sure that the reasons for visa refusal mentioned in the previous application have been rectified or no longer exist. For example; a person who got a visa refusal for a visa application 2 weeks prior due to inabilty to prove financial sufficiency for the trip; must not apply with the same amount of financial documents on the second application. Thus, providing enough financial evidence to cover travel expenses means presenting different terms from the previous application. In another example, if the person has made a number of business meetings in Turkey, but will make tourist visa application, applicants may get a rejection due to improper travel purposes. Therefore, when applying for a visa, applying with the correct visa type and documents proving the purpose of travel is a priority for a successful visa application process.

    Another common cause for Turkey visa denial for Philippines citizens is, the provision of unsuitable travel health insurance. The correct travel health insurance should cover 1 day before the start of travel dates and 1 day after the end of travel dates. In addition, it should not be forgotten that the travel health insurance should be covered by 30,000 Euros.

    Apart from those who are not found suitable to enter the country due to security reasons, people whose visa applications have been rejected for other reasons, have the right to appeal their visa refusal. By benefiting from the right to appeal against Turkey visa refusal, the Philippines citizen is expected to prove with documents that the reasons for refusal have been eliminated. The appeal must be made by the applicant in person. In the appeal petition, the reasons for the objection should be explained in a clear and understandable language and should be documented if necessary. The appeal period must be made within 30 days of the visa rejection notification.

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