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    Turkey Tourist Visa for Afghan Citizens

    Turkey Tourist Visa for Afghan Citizens

    Turkey Tourist Visa for Afghan Citizens

    Turkey touristic visa procedures are a type of visa that Afghan nationals who want to travel to Turkey for touristic purposes should apply for. Although it is possible to apply ex officio to the Turkish foreign representative for a tourist visa, it is possible to apply for an electronic visa. The duration of stay in Turkey within the scope of a tourist visa is 30 days within a maximum of 180 days. It is not possible to stay in Turkey with a Turkish tourist visa for more than ninety days. Afghan nationals who want to stay in Turkey for longer than their visa stay must apply for a residence permit. We will try to provide information about both Turkish foreign representation applications for Afghan nationals who want to enter Turkey as a tourist.


    Touristic Visa Applications to Turkish Foreign Representations

    Within the scope of Turkey touristic visa procedures, you can make your application to the Turkish foreign representatives in your country of residence. Some documents are requested by the Turkish consulate for visa procedures. Generally requested documents are listed below:

    • Passport valid for at least 6 months (Passports must not be torn, worn or damaged in any way. If your passport is in this case, it is useful to renew it.)
    • Biometric photo (The desired photos must be taken on a white background and within the last 6 years.)
    • Visa application form (For Afghan citizens who will apply for a visa to the Turkish consulate, it must be filled and signed.)
    • Document showing the economic status of the foreign citizen applying for a visa and the person inviting him (Work and salary information and other economic information of the person applying for the visa is required. At the same time, if he will enter Turkey upon invitation, the payroll of the inviting person or the bank account statement information must be submitted.)
    • flight reservation
    • Hotel reservation or invitation letter (a hotel reservation with information about where to stay during the visit to Turkey or a letter of undertaking including the residence address of the person who sent the invitation letter as a sponsor)
    • Supporting document for the return of the Afghan national who has applied for a visa (land registry, salary layout, business certificate)


    The above-mentioned documents are requested by the Turkish consulate. In addition to these documents, documents may be requested by the consulate. It is important that the requested documents are prepared completely and accurately. If the prepared documents are incomplete or incorrect, the visa application may result in negative results. In this context, carefully check the documents you will prepare. Documents prepared within the scope of Turkey tourist visa procedures must be submitted to the consulate on the appointment day. If you are not present at the Turkish foreign representative office or if you are late on the appointment date, your visa application may be cancelled. Therefore, it is beneficial to attend the appointment on time. After all the procedures are completed, your tourist visa application will be evaluated by the Turkish representation and will be concluded as positive or negative.


    Invitation Letter Prepared within the Scope of Turkey Tourist Visa Procedures

    The invitation letter is a supporting document for the foreign national who will apply for a visa to obtain a tourist visa. There are important points to consider when preparing an invitation letter for a Turkey tourist visa application. First of all, the date information should be included in the prepared invitation. Date information is generally written in the upper right corner of the page. The important point here is that there is a maximum of one (1) month between the preparation date of the invitation letter and the date of visa application. If there is more than one month between the invitation and the application date, this situation may be evaluated negatively in the examination made by the Turkish consulate. Another issue that should be included in the visa invitation letter is the information of the inviting person. In this context, the name, surname, identity number, e-mail address, telephone number and residence address in Turkey of the person inviting to Turkey should be included in the invitation.

    If the invitee is not a person but a commercial enterprise, this should be stated in the invitation, as well as the commercial title, company address and tax identification number. The inviting person must undertake in the letter that he will cover all the economic expenses of the foreign national who wants to visit Turkey during his visit. In the invitation letter to be prepared within the scope of Turkey touristic visa procedures, personal information of the Afghan national who will apply for the visa should also be included. The name, surname, passport number, date and place of birth, address in the country of legal residence, telephone and e-mail information of the Afghan national as written in the passport should also be included in the invitation letter. At the same time, the address where he will stay during his visit to Turkey and for how long he will be in Turkey should also be included in the invitation. There is no formal requirement for a visa invitation letter, and it can be prepared by notary publics. Invitation letters that are not prepared by the notary public must be notarized in order for the Turkish foreign representation to be accepted.




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