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    Turkey Deport Process for Afghan Citizens

    M. Mohammad 11.07.2021, 15:07

    Hello, my name is Mohammed, I want to learn about Turkey deport inquiry. I was deported from Turkey on February 27, 2020. At the removal center (GGM) in Erzurum, I was told that I got a deport for one year. Now I have completed one year, but then I went to the Turkish Consulate in Afghanistan, they said my deport has not been removed yet in the system, how can I find out which restriction code was given to me, or how many years they have imposed deport on me. I went to the consulate here in Afghanistan, but they didn’t tell me. Can you help me?

    InForeigner 14 July 2021, 15:11

    Hello Mr. Mohammed, welcome to InForeigner. We will try to answer your questions about the deport restriction code query.
    It is not possible to inquire the restriction codes applied to the passports of foreign nationals during deportation procedures by telephone or over the internet. This is a paid process done through lawyers, and we recommend that foreigners deported from Turkey, especially those who are not clear about the deportation period and the restriction code entered in their passport, use this service. If you try to travel to Turkey without getting the necessary information, it is unfortunately possible that you will be sent back to your country from the airport and your money will be wasted. However, if your restriction code was placed on a felony and you didn’t know it, your ban could be for 5 years or for life.
    In addition, information on the lifting of entry bans reaches all border gates within approximately 1 to 2 weeks after the expiry of the given period. So, for example, it is not possible to enter Turkey immediately on the day your 1-year entry ban expires. The information that your ban is over must reach all authorized border gates and authorities. For all these reasons, please contact us for deportation and restriction control of your passport.
    As InForeigner, we provide services with our expert consultants on procedures related to entry ban to Turkey, deport procedures, Turkish citizenship application, Turkey visa, Turkey residence permit, work permit, marriage procedures of foreigners in Turkey, funeral transfers of deceased foreigners in Turkey, foreign health insurance procedures, foreign vehicle license plate, Turkey real estate consultancy, education consultancy, document supply, registration and approval and many similar issues. To get more detailed information and to start your application, you can reach us from all our contact information. We wish you a nice day.