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    Turkey Family Residence Permit for Bulgarian Citizens

    V. Veronika 13.07.2021, 11:38

    Hello, I have a question regarding Turkey family residence permit. I have a child from a Bulgarian father. I married a Turkish citizen man. Can I get a family residence permit for my Bulgarian child through my Turkish husband? And what services can you provide us if we want to work with you?

    InForeigner 14 July 2021, 09:39

    Hello, Dear visitor.
    Your child, who has a Bulgarian father, can get family residence through your new Turkish citizen spouse, but there are conditions. First of all, there must be a consent from the Bulgarian father that the child can live in Turkey or there must be a document stating that the custody is with the mother. Or the Turkish citizen spouse should take over the child legally. In addition, the Turkish citizen spouse must have insurance covering all family members, have sufficient income, do not have a criminal record, and the foreign national mother and child must also comply with the residence permit application requirements.
    Since the father is a foreign national; if available, the consent of the father or the document proving that the custody is in the mother must be translated into Turkish and apostilled.
    As InForeigner Consulting, your files are fully prepared and controlled with a comprehensive service, including making residence permit applications for foreign mothers and children, paying government fees, evaluating the income and insurance status of the Turkish citizen spouse, preparing and checking the documents related to them, processing documents that require translation and apostille.
    As an InForeigner, we provide services with our expert consultants on procedures like entry ban to Turkey, deport procedures, Turkish citizenship application, Turkey visa, Turkey residence permit, work permit, Marriage procedures of foreigners in Turkey, funeral transfers of foreigners who died in Turkey, foreign health insurance procedures, foreign vehicle license plate, Turkey real estate consultancy, education consultancy, document legalisation, registration and approval and many similar issues. To get more detailed information and to start your application, you can reach us from all our contact information. We wish you a nice day.