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    Travel Health Insurance

    Travel Health Insurance

    Travel health insurance policies, which are created in accordance with international travel rules, are documents prepared to ensure that the person can be protected in case of any adverse situation he may encounter during his travel.

    Travel insurance obligation, which is applied by most countries in visa applications for Turkish citizens who will go outside the borders of Turkey, is demanded with different standards for each country.

    Travel health insurance ensures that the policyholder can primarily guarantee his/her medical needs without bureaucratic obstacles and financial losses in case of accidents, injuries, illnesses and deaths that may be encountered by the policyholder during his travels abroad.

    Medical assurance; It has been prepared by determining the criteria in order that every person has the right to be treated under equal conditions. Countries have imposed collateral limitations specific to their regions.

    Additional coverage that is not covered by compulsory travel insurance can also be defined by the policyholder. For example, you can take advantage of additional packages in case your passport is lost or your travel is canceled or your baggage is damaged.

    Country consulates can introduce new criteria in visa applications based on current health conditions and security factors. Covid-19 covered insurances have also come to the fore due to the recent epidemic. For this reason, information about the current status of the destination country should be obtained before taking out travel health insurance.

    Travel health insurance policies must be filled through the online system. Country consulates do not accept handwritten policies. You can also get more information about travel health insurances to be prepared by authorized agencies from our country experts and evaluate your offers and priorities while preparing your visa documents.

    What is Mandatory Travel Health Insurance?

    Compulsory travel health insurance stipulates the necessity of submitting the policies prepared according to the criteria created by the country or regions such as Schengen with visa application documents. When you apply for a visa to the consulate, you must have your policy file in accordance with these conditions.

    Compulsory travel insurances require a policy that is guaranteed at the minimum limit and covers the entire travel period. Documents not filled in the authorized agency online system, without stamp and authorized signature are deemed invalid and your visa application will also result negatively.

    Preparing a policy suitable for your travel reason is also a factor in Consular applications. Inforeigner Visa Services consultants will provide you with collateral items regarding your travel time, the reason for your visit, and you will be able to create your assurance according to the country you are going to. Before starting your visa application, your consultant will also make your personal calculation about travel health insurance prices and inform you. Different criteria may also be requested in the policies that need to be arranged in the Schengen area visa or visa applications for other countries. Policy coverage limit for international travel is 30,000 Euros. However, countries have the privilege of determining their own coverage limits.

    Schengen Travel Health Insurance

    The 30.000 Euro guarantee limit has been accepted. However, due to the recent Covid-19 outbreak, additional expectations to the policy can be requested on a country basis. For this reason, you should get the latest updates from your country expert according to the country you are going to. Countries applying the terms of Schengen Travel Health Insurance; Germany, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Netherlands, Iceland, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Hungary, Malta, Poland, Norway, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia and Greece.

    Countries outside the Schengen zone can issue visas without requiring compulsory travel health insurance. However, for most countries, international travel insurance will be required for visa procedures. While USA, China and Canada are traded with different guarantees, India left the travel health insurance to the passenger’s choice.

    How to Get Travel Health Insurance?

    Travel health insurance policy must be made on the online system. Travel time intervals should be the same as the times you declared on your visa application. All documents in your file should be verifiable on the same dates. This situation, which needs particular attention, is the most important criterion for your visa to be approved.

    Travel insurance can be made between 1 day and 1 year. If the travel is prolonged, an extension can be made in the policy period before the term expires. A single long-time insurance policy can be issued in regions with special co-decision, such as Schengen.

    If you are going to travel again to the country you are going to, you can prepare a single policy in which all your travel times are planned. In this way, you will be protected from both paperwork complexity and additional financial burden.

    Online travel health insurance policy is made in the name of the person and by defining the country of destination. There is no age limit in these policies. An insurance policy can also be issued in the name of the newborn baby. In any adverse event, the person named in the policy will be able to benefit from the coverage. Therefore, although it is not mandatory, international travel insurance should be obtained.

    As we mentioned in the above headings, countries may see some changes in insurance criteria as appropriate due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We recommend that you do not take out your insurance without obtaining information about the current procedure through Inforeigner experts.

    Travel health insurance should be carried out in the company of an experienced specialist, and instant consular requests should be reflected in the policy. Otherwise, you may be denied a visa due to the mistake in your policy, which is a mandatory document in visa applications, and you may have to postpone or cancel your travel.

    Duration of Travel Health Insurance Policy

    Travel health insurance period should be made based on the day you leave Turkey and the day you return to the country. Your entire travel process should be covered by your policy.

    Our authorized agents and country experts take time intervals one day before the trip and one day after your return. In this way, delays in your journey will also be taken into account.

    Overseas travel insurance policies can be arranged between 1 day and 1 year. For people who travel frequently, a policy that covers all their journeys, rather than a single trip, can be arranged.

    At the same time, if the duration of stay is extended in the country of destination, the document period may be extended by the authorized agency without exceeding the original policy date.

    While the insurance policy is issued, the date intervals must be the same in the documents such as accommodation, travel program, petition, visa request form given in the visa application. Different date ranges will cause you not to get your visa and therefore not to make your trip.

    Before submitting your visa application file to the Consulate system, it must be checked. Your visa period is your policy period. Do not make your application before you have complete up-to-date information on other compulsory situations.

    Since your travel health insurance policy will also be delivered as defined in the country you are going to, it is necessary to prepare a separate policy for all countries except for the procedure in Schengen countries. The policy will be prepared on behalf of that country for the duration of your stay in each country.

    Where Is Travel Insurance Done?

    You can have your policy prepared for travel health insurance through authorized agencies.

    However, you will need professional help for policies to be prepared under compulsory travel insurance. You will need to be guided by an expert who knows the Covid-19 pandemic situation of the country you are going to, current diplomatic regulations and instantly changing consular requests.

    As with the visa application, the responsibility of the insurance policy belongs to the policy holder. The slightest mistake will be reflected as a separate financial burden and your trip will be canceled or postponed. Guided by Inforeigner country experts, you can evaluate the most affordable travel insurance offers and submit your file to the Consulate without risk.

    You can also have your online travel health insurance policy on the agency side. However, it will be more beneficial for you to proceed with professional help due to the feature of being a required document at the time of visa application. Thus, by analyzing the numbers from the list prepared with the most suitable conditions for you, your chance to choose will enable your business to progress in a shorter time. In addition, the elements of the service you will receive in an emergency that you may experience during your stay abroad are vital. Because the health system of each country depends on different procedures. To qualify for equal medical entitlement, you must have valid travel health insurance.

    What Does Travel Insurance Do?

    Many countries require insurance for international travel. Insurance policies are of great importance in visa applications at the consulate. The reason for this is that the traveler must be medically secure in the country visited.

    Passengers who are sick, have an accident or are injured will be eliminated and secured from bureaucratic difficulties without observing the procedure applied in the system of the country of residence. Chaos will be prevented by access to the hospital in an emergency medical situation, consultancy on the medical procedure specific to the country and similar benefits.

    Coverages provided by online travel health insurance;

    • If the procedure that will arise in the event of death as a result of the accident is exceeded, the transfer of the body is carried out and the expenses are covered in case of accompanying persons;
    • To meet the expenses incurred as a result of permanent injuries that may occur as a result of an accident,
    • Outpatient / inpatient treatment expenses for illness or injury that may occur during travel,
    • Transport / transportation costs to the health center,
    • Covering accommodation costs caused by injury or illness
    • In the event of the obligation to have a companion, bringing the person to the country, returning and covering all expenses,
    • Covering the return expenses due to the death of a close family member during the trip
    • If the policyholder dies during travel, transportation to the country and meeting the expenses of the persons accompanying the funeral
    • Non-mandatory coverage that can be defined in the policy;
    • If the passenger loses his / her baggage, payment of the expenses required to send the baggage to his / her home
    • Covering the expenses that may occur in case of interruption of travel
    • Realization of expenses regarding the fulfillment of the procedure in case of loss of passport

    Also, apart from all these guarantees, Tourist Protection and Support Insurance can be identified in addition to policies. With Covid-19 covered insurance, the person will secure himself/herself in the quarantine and treatment process in case of being affected by the epidemic. Turkey is among the first countries to implement this additional coverage.

    When Is Travel Insurance Made?

    Travel health insurance must be made before travel and visa application.

    Time confirmation is important for policies with visa requirements. At the same time, current regulations and obligations should be checked.

    Policies to be issued through Inforeigner are made in accordance with the travel program and consular requirements. After making your travel plan, you can reach our country experts and get consultancy services on both your visa and your travel health insurance policy.

    Travel Health Insurance Prices

    Travel health insurance prices will vary in terms of insurance type, travel reason, the amount of coverage depending on the destination country, the duration of the trip and the additional coverage to be defined.

    For this reason, first of all, you should decide on the travel time to the country or countries to be traveled and share the preferred additional coverage with your consultant and get the most affordable travel insurance offers.

    The premium you will pay is determined according to the worst case scenario that may happen to you during your travel. Cover is required for free, peaceful travel.

    Covid-19 Covered Insurance

    Covid-19 covered insurance creates assurance in the event that the person faces situations such as virus-related illness and quarantine during the epidemic.

    Looking at the general picture of the Covid-19 outbreak, the risk zones vary and instant travel practices vary. One of the best measures that can be taken is to secure your travel with Covid-19 covered travel health insurance.

    Covid-19 overseas travel health insurance provides the opportunity to benefit from the highest level of treatment even if you go to a country with a low health system standard. Foreigners coming to Turkey can also benefit from this type of insurance. Turkey has secured foreigners coming to our country against coronavirus within the scope of tourist protection and support insurance. This insurance, which has been created based on months of travel restrictions and warnings, is not compulsory for every country. However, it is recommended to have it done in order not to take risks.

    Topics covered by Covid-19 covered insurance:

    • Procedures for diagnosing diseases caused by Covid-19 virus,
    • Hospital or outpatient treatment of the person diagnosed with the disease is covered.
    • The accommodation expenses of the person diagnosed with COVID 19 and quarantined are included in the insurance coverage.
    • The insured person has the right to receive medical consultancy.
    • Emergency medicine expenses are covered under the insurance policy.
    • The patient, who has completed his/her treatment, is transported to his/her country.
    • The funeral transfer / transportation of the person who died during the travel is covered under the coverage.

    Covid-19 Coverage Insurance should be defined in compulsory travel health insurance and used in the destination country. The process of the pandemic changes day by day and the risk factors vary geographically. We wish you not to set out without defining the travel health insurance and the insurance that allows you to secure yourself against Covid-19.

    Enjoy your travels!