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    Turkey Company Work Permit

    Turkey Company Work Permit

    A foreign national must obtain a work permit in order to legally work in Turkey by earning an income. Turkey company work permit can be given for a limited time or indefinitely. Temporary work permit is given for a certain period, depending on the duration of the contract between the person and the employer. First work permit applications are generally determined as 1 year. This period is extended with the applications made in the following years. Application content, job status, employment policy of the country at that time, many variables affect the outcome of the application.

    In the indefinite work permit, the person must either have a work permit for 6 years without a break or have been residing in Turkey for 8 years and gain the right to long-term residence permit in Turkey. A foreign national can apply for a work permit within the company with which he has an agreement. The person who wants to obtain a company work permit must be a university graduate and document this with a diploma. Otherwise, it is not possible to proceed through these positions. He cannot work in every position in a foreign company, and the expectation is defined as the job that a Turkish cannot do according to the scope described in the law. They mostly work in sales and marketing departments within the company and they are required to present their qualifications to this position with their diplomas.

    Company work permit applications are made after the company registration is created on the Ministry of Labor online system. By registering the company in this system, it should be made available for application. Afterwards, an application is made for the person to be recruited. What is needed here is the company’s electronic signature. Thanks to this signature, all transactions are carried out. Documents are scanned and uploaded to the application system. No transaction is made on the basis of actual paper by hand. Insurance entry must be made after the person’s work permit approval has been received.

    The company work permit entitles the person to a residence permit within the same period of time. The person can reside in Turkey during the work permit given to him. In fact, the family is also given the right to live with him by applying for a family residence permit. The person has the right to apply for a family residence permit for his / her legal spouse and children under 18.

    Turkey Company Work Permit Types

    Company work permit applications can be made both domestically and abroad. In order to make a domestic application, the person must have a valid residence permit. The time remaining from the residence permit is not important and applications can be made even on the last day. Then, when the work permit application is made and approved, the insurance entry will be made. In this way, the person can work and reside in Turkey during the permit granted to him. If the applications are to be made from abroad, the application process will be carried out through the embassy or consulate in the country of residence.

    Simultaneously with the application to the consulate, the application procedures will be carried out here. When the first approval from the consulate is received, the application will be examined through the documents, but the application process will be carried out here via electronic signature before that. Afterwards, a work visa will be printed on the person’s passport and he / she can enter Turkey with it. Insurance entry must be made for the person within 30 days following this entry. After this entry, the person will have started to work legally. A work permit card based on a work permit must be provided for the person.

    As Inforeigner, we are able to carry out all of your Turkish company work permit procedures in the light of the information that has been provided to us over the years. If you want to carry out the application process by getting professional support from our consultants on issues that you have in mind, you can call our Istanbul office at 02127069614 or contact us at our contact numbers on our website.