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    Turkey E-visa Procedure

    Turkey E-visa Procedure

    E-Turkey visa application is a new implementation that is the technologically improved version of the previous period’s label or stamp that was given at the border crossing in Turkey. Started in 2013, the E-visa makes it easier and faster for a foreign national to enter Turkey. Access to the system can be provided from any area where internet connection is available. It is possible to obtain a Turkey electronic visa for your touristic and commercial travels. However, if you want to enter Turkey with other visa types, you cannot use the e-visa facility. For other visas, you have to apply to the Turkish foreign representative offices in person. Turkey e-Visa duration is given as a maximum of 90 days.

    Turkey online visa fees are determined according to the nationalities of foreign nationals. While the Republic of Turkey demands fees for the citizens of some countries, it does not require fees for the citizens of some countries. Fees to be paid are presented to you by the system during the application. There is no set working hour for Turkey e-Visa application. You have the opportunity to apply 24/7, except in case of malfunction in the system. As with all visa types Turkish official authorities have the right to deny entry to a foreign national who has been issued an electronic visa without providing an explanation of the denial.

    What are the advantages of Turkey e-Visa?

    There are two ways foreign nationals who want to travel to Turkey for touristic or commercial purposes can obtain a visa. These are the Turkish foreign representatives in the country of residence and the electronic visa to Turkey that they will apply online. While applications can be made for all visa types from Turkish foreign representative offices, Turkey online visa applications can only be made for touristic and commercial travel within the scope of Turkey e-Visa procedures. Printed documents are not submitted to any official institution in the e-visa process to be made online through the system. Personal documents of the foreign citizen to apply are requested. On the other hand, it is necessary to apply to the Turkish foreign representative offices in person.

    The foreign representation office requests documents from the foreign national applying for a visa, and these documents are presented to the representation office in hard copy. Preparing the required documents for visa applications to be made to the representation offices, making an appointment for the submission of the documents takes time and effort for foreign nationals. Moreover, due to the high number of applications in Turkish foreign missions, appointments can be allotted for distant dates. With Turkey e-Visa transactions, you can get your visa through the system without the need to go to any representative office. It will be beneficial for foreign nationals who plan to travel for touristic and commercial purposes to obtain an electronic visa to Turkey.

    How to Apply for a Turkey e-Visa?

    When applying for a Turkey electronic visa, you need to make sure that the information you declare on the system is complete and correct. A small detail that you do not pay attention to may cause your visa to be invalid. When applying with Turkey e-Visa procedures, you must first enter by specifying your passport type and nationality information. After logging in, you will be presented with the visa validity period determined for your country of citizenship and the e-Visa period for the right to stay in Turkey. There are preconditions that the Republic of Turkey wants to provide for citizens of some countries. You can continue your visa application by accepting if there are preconditions you need to provide after the demonstration of the duration of your stay in Turkey, if you meet them. Otherwise, electronic visas to be obtained without meeting the prerequisites will be invalid. This situation is controlled through the system or if there is a precondition that cannot be controlled through the system, it is examined by the relevant officers upon entering Turkey. After the conditions are accepted by the citizens of the prerequisite countries, the personal information area will appear.

    What you need to do here is to enter your information in the relevant fields. This information consists of data belonging to you such as name, surname, passport number, date of birth, place of birth, telephone number. After filling out the personal information section, you are required to make the payment. Turkish authorities have set different visa fees for each country. You can see your visa fees on the screen after entering your nationality information. You can pay with your credit or debit card. Electronic visa applications without payment are not approved. After completing all the necessary procedures, you can download your e-Visa from the system after the application. Your online visa is also sent to the e-mail address you have specified. The important issue within the scope of Turkey e-Visa procedures is to pay attention to whether preconditions are requested from you or not. If you do not meet the prerequisites, it will be to your detriment to continue your visa application. No refunds are made in any form whatsoever for electronic visa transactions that have been paid. In order not to waste time and money, we recommend that you make your application carefully or seek help from experts.

    How Long is the e-Visa Duration in Turkey?

    Turkey e-Visa processing time varies from country to country. Some countries are entitled to a 30-day stay, while some countries are entitled to a 60 or 90-day stay. This situation is related to the visa policy of the Republic of Turkey. Increasing or decreasing the duration of stay for foreign citizens is a matter to be determined by the Turkish official authorities. Generally, times are determined on the basis of reciprocity with countries. The duration of stay in Turkey has been determined as ninety (90) days at most for foreign country citizens who come with a visa. Under no circumstances can this maximum period be exceeded. Foreign country citizens who want to stay in Turkey for more than ninety (90) days are required to apply for a residence permit.

    In any case, foreign nationals within Turkey are entitled to a maximum stay of ninety (90) days for one hundred and eighty (180) days. One hundred and eighty (180) days is the visa validity period. Visa validity period starts with legal entry into the borders of Turkey, not with online visa purchase. For the visas obtained within the scope of Turkey e-Visa procedures, foreign country citizens who have the right to stay in Turkey for 90 days must leave the borders of Turkey if they do not have a residence permit after using the entire period. Foreigners whose Turkey online visa has expired cannot obtain a visa again before completing the 180-day visa validity period. It is possible to apply for a visa again at the end of the 180-day visa validity period.

    About the Number of Entries to Turkey with e-Visa

    The Republic of Turkey provides two different entry options, single entry and multiple entry, to foreign nationals who are eligible to obtain an electronic visa. Entry options have been determined by the Turkish official authorities through the system, being different for each country. Single entry offers the right to enter Turkey once with an e visa. Even if you have a single entry right within the ninety-day e-Visa period, you cannot enter Turkey with the same visa after you leave the country. In this case, what you need to do is to apply for a visa again by waiting for the 180-day visa expiry date.

    Multiple entries, on the other hand, give you the right to enter and exit Turkey more than once during your visa period. Within the visa validity period, you have the opportunity to enter multiple entries until the end of your electronic visa stay right. After entering Turkey, foreign country citizens are responsible for the follow-up of the time spent in Turkey. In any way, there is no visa duration tracking by official authorities. If your electronic visa expires, you have to leave Turkey as soon as possible.

    How Much is Turkey e-Visa fee?

    According to the visa policy of the Republic of Turkey, the visa fees vary for different countries. For example, the fee for Turkey e-Visa transactions received from citizens of the United States of America is $ 50, while the fee for Saudi Arabian citizens is $ 60. The fees charged for touristic or commercial travels by Turkish foreign representative offices differ from those charged by Turkey e-Visa transactions. The fee for online visa applications to Turkey to foreign representative offices is slightly higher than for electronic visa applications. If you have a travel plan for touristic or commercial purposes, obtaining a visa with Turkey e-Visa procedures will save you both time and money. We also provide consultancy services for your applications. To get information about the fee and consultancy fees, you can reach us from the information in the ‘contact us’ section and get detailed information from our expert consultants.

    E-Visa Eligible Countries

    Countries that can carry out Turkey e-Visa transactions are constantly updated by Turkish official authorities, and the number of countries that can apply by their citizens is currently 96.

    Countries Eligible for E-Visa

    AfghanistanAngolaAntigua & Barbuda
    BhutanBotswanaBurkina Faso
    CanadaCape VerdeCentral African Republic
    Congo Democratic RepublicDominicaDominican Republic
    DjiboutiEast TimorEquatorial Guinea
    GhanaGreek Cypriot AdministrationGrenada
    GuineaGuinea BissauHaiti
    Hong KongIndiaIndonesia
    IraqIvory CoastJamaica
    PhilippinesRepublic of the CongoRwanda
    Sao Tome and PrincipeSaint LuciaSaudi Arabia
    SenegalSierra LeoneSolomon Islands
    SomaliaSouth AfricaSri Lanka
    SudanSurinameSt. Vincent and the Grenadines
    TogoUgandaUnited Arab Emirates

    The countries that are eligible to obtain a visa through the Turkey e-Visa procedures mentioned above are constantly updated by the Republic of Turkey. It will be beneficial for you to inquire through the system whether you have the right to apply for an electronic visa or not. The above information will be updated by us in case of changes in the countries that can obtain e-Visa by the official authorities.

    If you want to get more detailed information about the subject or consultancy services on different subjects, you can reach us from the information in the communication field.