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    Turkey Independent Work Permit

    Turkey Independent Work Permit

    People who come to Turkey and want to work and live here are required to obtain an independent work permit in accordance with the laws. Work permits can be obtained over different categories and contents. Applications are made online and registration is created through the system with an electronic signature. If available, previous work permits, passport, photograph and documents showing the competencies depending on the category applied are attached to the applicant. Work permit can be obtained on different occasions, and independent work permit is one of them. If the persons will not obtain a work permit through a company or someone and meet the conditions presented, then an independent work permit application can be made.

    The first condition for an independent work permit application is that the foreigner must have lived in Turkey for at least 5 years by obtaining an uninterrupted residence permit. The completion of this period will be examined within the records of the police units. While examining this 5-year uninterrupted residence condition, the duration of residence spent in studentship is not taken into consideration. However, if the spouses and children who come to Turkey depending on the person are studying, their residence permits for that period are also included in the day calculation.

    The criterion is that the person who will apply for an independent work permit meets the requirement of permanent residence for 5 years, provided that the work to be done with this independent work permit will contribute positively to the country’s economy and provide new opportunities as employment. If the independent work permit is approved, an independent work permit application document will be issued to the individual. This document will be valid for 3 months. Independent work permit is given to the person fully after the application is approved and the foreign workplace has completed the establishment of the document and submitted to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

    As Inforeigner, we provide consultancy services to you with our expert staff in all your work permit applications and we are able to carry out all work permit applications safely for you. If you would like to benefit from our consultancy services for your independent work permit application in Turkey, please contact us at 0312 963 10 49 in Ankara, 0224 322 06 46 in Bursa, 0232 335 15 78 in İzmir, 0242 255 07 24 in Antalya, 0212 706 79 67 in Istanbul.