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    Turkey Long Term Residence Permit

    Turkey Long Term Residence Permit

    If a foreign national has resided in Turkey for 8 years without a break, then he/she can apply for a Turkey long-term residence permit. Persons who have the right to long-term residence permit can now reside in Turkey for an unlimited time without applying for renewal. After this 8-year period, only the right to apply is gained for individuals. After the application is made, it is subject to evaluation and the result is given by the competent authorities.

    Here, the person should not have been involved in a crime during the time he lived in Turkey, and had not been involved in any activity that could harm the public. After this, although he/she has resided in Turkey for 8 years, he/she must have reached the sufficient number of days in the days count. This is calculated over your entry and exit information during the application.

    Applications are made online. After the online application, the appointment screen opens. From this appointment screen, appointments are made for the appropriate day and time for you. Your documents must be prepared in accordance with the content of your application.

    Required documents for Turkey long-term residence permit application;

    • Long term residence permit online application form
    • Passport (valid for at least 1 year)
    • 4 biometric photographs (taken in the last 6 months with a white background)
    • Documentation of regular income on how to earn a living
    • Criminal record history
    • Document showing that no social aid has been received in the last 3 years before the application
    • Originals of previous residence permits, if any; if not available, double-sided photocopies
    • Day count document showing that he has been residing in Turkey for 8 years uninterruptedly.
    • Private health insurance
    • Receipts for payment of government-determined fees
    • Document that specifies the address (lease contract, title deed, etc.) must be submitted.

    Long-term residence permit holders have very similar rights to citizenships and are only exempted from special situations such as election and military service. Persons who have a long-term residence permit generally apply for long-term residence in Turkey because they have difficulties with dual citizenship from the country of their citizenship.

    It is of great importance to meet the criteria for long-term residence applications. The first rule is that there should not be a break between the obtained residence permits and it should be continued with a continuous extension application. Residence permit holders are required to stay in Turkey for most of the year. This is a rule that also applies to short-term residence permits. The person must document how he / she makes a living in Turkey, that is, there is no burden on the country.

    The long-term residence permit only entitles the person to an unlimited residence permit. Apart from that, when a person with a long-term residence permit wants to work, he or she must apply for a work permit. Persons with this permit also have the right to apply for an indefinite work permit. The results of these applications are based on evaluation.

    After the long-term residence permit applications are made online, the person must be present at the appointment with the documents to be prepared on the appointment day selected through the system. After joining the appointment and submitting the documents, the person must wait for the result of the application before leaving the country. These processes are the same in short-term residence permit applications. If there is a special situation in which the person needs to leave the country after the application is made, then a separate leave of excuse application must be made. Here, an application is made for a fee and the person is allowed to leave the country for 15 days on an excuse.

    From the very beginning of this process, from the applications of short-term residence permit categories to the long-term residence permit application in Turkey, we can provide you with consultancy with our expert staff. You can reach us from Antalya 0242 255 07 24, Ankara 0312 963 10 49, İzmir 0232 335 15 78, Istanbul 0212 706 79 67, Bursa 0224 322 06 46.