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    Turkey Residence Permit Application Form

    Turkey Residence Permit Application Form

    Welcome to our Turkey residence permit application form page.

    Turkey short-term residence permit applications are made for those who come to Turkey and want to stay in Turkey longer than the time allowed for different reasons. These applications proceed on 4 different categories.

    Touristic Residence Permit Application Form

    It is the type of application made by people who want to stay longer than the electronic visa, printed visa or visa exemption period granted to them without stating a specific reason in our country. Applicants in this category can stay within the period given to them within the scope of Turkey tourist residence permit. In the content of the touristic residence permit application form, the person is asked to enter the identity information first. Here, information that identifies the person as identity such as the name of the person’s parents, the passport or ID number from which he entered the country, and the date of birth are entered. After that, with the first confirmation, personal information is required to be entered. In these, it is requested to enter the residence address, education information, income information of the person. Afterwards, the person is asked to have a health insurance that will be valid during the residence permit process he applied for and that this information is entered in the appropriate place on the form. After that, the person has to choose the purpose of stay among the options and enter the desired duration information. Although the required time information is entered here, the time to be approved is determined by the competent authorities. The immigration administration can approve your application within the desired period of time or conclude it with a rejection response.

    Family Residence Permit Application Form

    Those who have the right to apply for a Turkish family residence permit are the families of Turkish citizens or persons who have a work permit in Turkey. Within the scope of this application, the family residence permit application form will be filled and the steps will be followed. In this category of application, unlike other applications, the person on whom the application is made is defined as the sponsor. If the person is an employee of the company, then he / she must submit an up-to-date payroll for the last 3 months and must be able to show an income of at least one third of the minimum wage for each person he / she will bring to the country, deducting the amount specified in these payrolls. Apart from this, if the person will be a sponsor as the owner of the company, then he/she must present the tax plate, activity certificate, registry newspaper and 6-month balance sheet as company document. Another alternative is to submit an application by submitting bank statements. The bank statements to be submitted must belong to the 6 months beforehand and must be documented that the family members and the sponsor have enough income to provide for the next 6 months. Under these conditions, unlike the contents of other Turkey residence permit application forms, the sponsor’s information is also requested and presented with documents. In addition to entering the sponsor information, the majority of the documents required for application are sponsor documents.

    Another importance of family residence permit applications is that foreign nationals lasting 3 years with this residence permit category gain the right to apply for citizenship of the Republic of Turkey.

    Student Residence Permit Application Form

    When one receives education through an educational institution affiliated to the Higher Education Institution in Turkey, he/she gains the right to apply to this category of residence. The processes for applications start with the school registration first, and then this registration is submitted and the application is made. The Turkey residence permit application form is carefully filled and the process is followed. The required documents must be carefully prepared and the entire school registration form and student certificate must be submitted at the appointment. You must also submit that you have enough income to cover your expenses for the duration of your stay in the country. Student residence permit applications are made annually and must be extended each year with renewal applications. The end dates of the school should be followed correctly, here the renewal or departure times should be calculated correctly. Since the student residence permit category is approved for a purpose, unlike other categories, it proceeds within the framework of a condition. The person has to meet the attendance requirement required by the school and program he/she is enrolled in, and if he/she does not provide continuity within this condition, he/she can request the cancellation of the residence permit by notifying the Provincial Immigration Administration by the educational institution. For this reason, the mandatory level of attendance should be tracked correctly.

    Long Term Residence Permit Application Form

    Long-term residence permit is the category of residence permit applied to by people who have completed 8 years as a prohibited residence period in our country and who have been permanently resident between these years. Although it resembles citizenship in terms of content, it is also distinguished by a few distinctive features. Unlike citizens, long-term residence permit holders are excluded from election and compulsory military service. Apart from that, they have equal rights with Turkish citizens with other features. In the applications made by filling out the Turkey residence permit application form through this category, the day count is made and the first condition is tested. In this application category, there are applications of people who do not want to acquire citizenship in general.

    Residence permit applications are made through the categories mentioned above. These applications should be selected on the basis of category depending on the situation of the persons and advanced thereafter. In the applications made through the selected category, the Turkey residence permit application form should be filled carefully and it should be made sure that the most accurate information is entered. All of these contents should complement each other with the documents to be prepared afterwards. For the result of the application, it is very important that the documents are prepared in the most accurate format, that they are in the desired order and at the same level as the information in the application form. After completing the application forms with the most accurate information, the most suitable one for you should be selected from the Provincial Immigration Administration opened on the system screen and the appointment screen should be entered. When making the appointment, the appropriate day and time should be selected for you, taking into account the delivery time of the documents. Your documents should be completed and prepared in the most correct way in the selected time period. For the application, the fee amount, which varies according to your nationality and extension or new application, must be met before this appointment and the original receipts must be attached to your file.

    While paying the fees, a special tax number will be assigned to the foreigners and fees will be paid from the tax office on this basis. These fees vary depending on the content of your application. After you attend the appointment you have chosen for your application, missing documents or new documents may be requested from you. This requested document will be declared to the contact address you have chosen on the first screen for your application, together with the deadline for delivery. Following this, it is of great importance that you provide the missing documents within this period. Otherwise, your application may result in a rejection response over missing documents. It is of great importance that the content is followed correctly while the residence permit application form is filled and the processes are continued.

    We, as Inforeigner, provide you with professional support with our experts in the processes of filling out the residence permit application form, choosing the right category that best suits you, and preparing the documents in the most accurate and proper way in accordance with this category. If you want to get professional support during the residence permit application form in Turkey or the application process, you can contact us at numbers Antalya 0242 255 07 24, Ankara 0312 963 10 49, Izmir 0232 335 15 78, Istanbul 0212 706 79 67, Bursa 0224 322 06 46.