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    Turkey Temporary Work Permit

    Turkey Temporary Work Permit

    When a foreign national wants to work in Turkey, he / she has to apply for a work permit in Turkey. Although there are different types of work permits, it is the most frequently obtained work permit. In this work permit category, it is the type of leave given depending on the duration of work signed between the person and the institution or employer. It is generally given for 1 year. The most basic rule for application is the signed employment contract. The application can be made both as a domestic application and as an international application. Applications are carried out through the employing company and individual applications cannot be made. The recruiting company or employer starts the process by declaring that they want to employ the foreign national in their company.

    Domestic Temporary Work Permit Application

    In this category, a Turkey-term work permit application is made while the person is in Turkey. The first rule to apply in this category is to have a valid residence permit. Regardless of whether this residence permit is on the last day, applications can still be made. The company wishing to recruit carries out the procedures for the work permit application. Transactions are carried out by making an application with the electronic signature of the company. The whole process proceeds online through the Ministry of Labor. The employer will make the application and follow the process itself. The employee cannot execute this work permit application on himself.

    As a result of the application process, when the temporary work permit is approved, the employer will make the insurance entry of the person and the work permit card will be received. When the work permit is issued, it also grants a residence permit to the person during the period. As long as the work permit continues, the right of residence remains intact. It can be renewed again by applying for an extension 60 days before the expiry of the work permit. Although the first-term work permit applications are given as 1 year, the duration is generally longer for extension applications.

    Application for Temporary Work Permit Abroad

    It is the part where the transactions are carried out before the foreign national person enters the country for application after having a business agreement with a company in Turkey. Here, the application will be started, and the person will proceed by making an appointment through the foreign representative office (consulate, embassy). The person will initiate this appointment application request and submit the requested documents. With the approval received afterwards, the continuation of the transactions will be carried out here. After the short-term work permit is approved, the person’s passport will be requested. A Turkish temporary work permit visa will be printed on his passport and he / she will be able to enter the country with this visa. The visa is issued for 30 days and the person must enter the country during this period. Within 30 days following his arrival in Turkey, he will be able to start working legally by entering the insurance.

    The work visa can now be converted into a work card and residence card to legally stay here. Although the person who has a work permit was first given a permit for 1 year, the application for extension has increased on a yearly basis. For those who have applied for a work permit abroad, the next year extension applications will now be made as a domestic work permit. What should be considered here is that an extension application must be made before the expiry of the given work permit and at least 60 days before it expires. Here, the application processes are also carried out through the hiring company.

    How to apply for a temporary work permit in Turkey?

    As Inforeigner, we serve you with our expert immigration consultants, both in domestic and foreign temporary work permit application processes with years of experience. Work permit applications are a category that includes more variables and details than other categories. When people decide to take action for the application, there are certain conditions that the employer or the company must meet, and we provide guidance on this subject within the scope of our consultancy services. Considering the situations where the conditions are not met, we examine all the procedures and carry out the work permit on your behalf with our expert consultants in order not to get a negative application result.

    In order to be able to manage the process together by creating a special road map for your Turkey temporary work permit application, you can visit 0312 963 10 49 in Ankara, 0242 255 07 24 in Antalya, 0224 322 06 46 in Bursa, 0212 706 79 67 in Istanbul, 0232 335 15 78 in Izmir. You can reach us at our above numbers.