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    Turkish Citizenship by Adoption

    Turkish Citizenship by Adoption

    Dear visitor, welcome to our Turkish Citizenship by Adoption page. A non-adult (under 18) foreign national person who has been adopted by a Turkish citizen; our country can acquire Turkish citizenship provided that it does not pose an obstacle in terms of national security and social order.

    Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship by Adoption

    • A foreigner who has been adopted by a citizen of the Republic of Turkey and who is not mature at the time of application (under the age of 18); they can acquire Turkish citizenship, provided that they do not pose a problem for Turkey’s national security and public order.
    • The adopted foreign person, after acquiring Turkish citizenship, continues to maintain Turkish citizenship if the adoption relationship between the adopter and the adopted terminates for any reason.
    • The provisions of Article 15 shall be applied for the foreigner who is adopted by a Turkish citizen and who is an adult (over 18 years old) at the time of application.

    These provisions;

    • Having the power of majority and discrimination in accordance with the national law of their own country and, if stateless, according to the Civil Code of the Republic of Turkey numbered 4721.
    • Having permanently resided in Turkey for five years counting back from the application date.
    • That he/she intends to settle in Turkey; Acquiring an immovable property in Turkey, establishing a business in the country, making various investments, transferring the trade and business center abroad to Turkey. Working in a workplace subject to work permit and affirmed by similar behavior or marrying a citizen of the Republic of Turkey. To apply as a family, to have a mother, father or sibling or children who have previously acquired Turkish citizenship, or to have completed their education life in Turkey.
    • Absence of any infectious or contagious disease that poses a threat to the general health condition
    • Showing that you have good morals by behaving with the sense of responsibility required by living together in Turkish society. To give confidence to the environment with his behavior, not to have bad habits that are not welcomed by the society and contrary to the values ​​of the society
    • To be able to speak Turkish language at a level that can adapt to social life.
    • To have an income or profession in Turkey that will provide the livelihood of himself or his dependents.
    • Not having a situation that would constitute an obstacle in terms of our national security and order.

    Documents Required for Turkish Citizenship with Adoption

    A document file consisting of the following documents is prepared by the application authorities on behalf of the foreign national who has applied to acquire Turkish citizenship by adoption method and the file is sent to the relevant Ministry for decision:

    • Petition stating the request of the adopter (VAT-7 application form stating the request of the adopter or parent or guardian)
    • A notarized Turkish translation of the duly certified birth certificate.
    • VGF-10-01 birth report based on birth certificate.
    • Proof of which country the person is a citizen of. For example, passport or similar documents are accepted. If the foreign person is stateless and if it is possible, the relevant document is attached to the file.
    • A copy of the identity register of the Turkish citizen who has adopted the foreign person, to be taken from the system by the application authorities.
    • A receipt showing that the required service fee related to the application has been paid to the tax office cashier.

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