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    Turkish Citizenship with the Right to Choose

    Turkish Citizenship with the Right to Choose

    Dear visitor, welcome to our Turkish Citizenship with the Right of Choice page. Persons who lost Turkish citizenship due to their parents who lost Turkish citizenship by obtaining a renunciation permit, and who have lost Turkish citizenship within three years from their age (reaching the age of 18), can acquire Turkish citizenship by using the right of choice.

    The loss of Turkish citizenship with the right to choose becomes effective from the date of the Ministry’s decision on the determination of the conditions for the exercise of this right. Foreign passport holders who wish to acquire Turkish citizenship by using their right to vote can exercise their right to choose by submitting a written petition to the governorship authorities in Turkey and foreign representatives abroad. Acquisition of Turkish citizenship with the right to choose does not depend on the decision of the competent authorities. Passing to Turkish citizenship by using the right to choose or leaving Turkish citizenship does not affect the citizenship of the spouse.

    Turkish Citizenship Documents with Right to Choose

    • Application Form for Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship with VAT-8 Right of Choice
    • 2 photographs (It must be biometric and with a white background. It is mandatory to submit a machine-readable photograph in accordance with the standards set by ICAO.)
    • A notarized Turkish translation of a valid passport or duly certified document showing the state citizenship gained after the loss of Turkish citizenship.
    • Translation of a duly certified marital status document in Turkish, notarized.
    • If the applicant is married, the marriage certificate, additionally a copy of the identity register document or similar document stating the ties between the spouse and children.
    • If the applicant is divorced, a document proving this status is attached, and if he is a widow, the death certificate of his spouse is also attached.
    • The payment receipt showing that the fee for the required service has been paid.

    While the application is being examined, it is determined whether the applicant will create a situation that will pose a danger to Turkey’s national security and social order, and the application results in a negative situation if it may cause any problem.

    Can the spouse and children of the person who acquires Turkish Citizenship as a result of the application acquire Turkish Citizenship? If Turkish Citizenship is acquired with the right to choose, the spouse of the person who acquires Turkish Citizenship cannot acquire Turkish Citizenship directly. However, if he fulfills all the conditions that can gain Turkish Citizenship by marriage method, he gains this right. Children under the age of 18 (not adults) can become Turkish Citizens as a result of the consent of the other spouse at the notary office. Children over the age of 18 (who have become mature) can acquire Turkish Citizenship by different methods, for example according to general provisions.

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