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    Turkey Visa Application Form

    Turkey Visa Application Form

    Welcome to Turkey visa application form page. Foreign nationals who are not included in the scope of visa exemption who want to enter the Republic of Turkey must apply for a visa. Visa applications can be made to Turkish representations or as an electronic visa application online. First of all, we would like to give information about the form to be filled in visa applications to Turkish foreign representatives. If an application is made to Turkish foreign representative offices, you must apply for a pre-visa online. Citizens of foreign countries who do not have internet access can be provided by going to the representative office in person. You can start the application process by entering the consulate web address on the Internet.

    Turkish Foreign Representatives Pre-Visa Application Form

    First of all, nationality, travel document type, passport number, requested visa type, purpose of arrival to Turkey, number of requested entries, country of application and representative office information must be entered. After the entry of the information requested by the system, you will be directed to the page where the documents requested according to the type of visa you have applied for and brief information about the subject. The documents required here vary according to the nationality of the foreign citizen applying and the type of visa applied for. We should remind you that the documents requested from you by the Turkish foreign representative office to which you will apply must be submitted completely and accurately. Obtain all documents duly.

    Generally required documents for Turkey visa application form are passport, biometric photograph, flight reservation, hotel reservation or invitation letter. After filling in the fields required for the application in the first place, name, surname, other surname information, national identity number, gender, place of birth, place of birth (country), marital status, date of birth, father’s name, mother’s name, birth nationality, profession, it is necessary to enter the address, city, postal code, country, phone, e-mail information. All information must be included accurately and completely. Any error in the information may cause your visa application to result negatively. For the pre-visa application, “Have you ever had a visa before? Have you ever been blocked from entering Turkey before? ” You are also asked to answer questions such as. Your answers must reflect the truth. After entering your personal information and answering the questions, you must upload the documents required in the pre-application to the system.

    The point you need to pay attention to is that the file formats you upload are compatible with the system. Uploading of incompatible documents is not allowed by the system. The most common document with compliance problems is biometric photography. Trying to upload it to the system by taking a printed biometric photo is one of the main problems. The action you need to do in order not to have any problems is to add your photo in its original digital format. After all these procedures are completed, you can confirm your application and determine your appointment date. Remember, the Turkey visa application form you have made online must be signed and submitted to the Turkish foreign representative.

    Türkiye Vize Başvuru Formu

    Electronic Visa Application Form

    Electronic visa applications are made faster and easier than visa applications to Turkish foreign representatives. Not all foreign nationals can apply for an electronic visa. Countries to apply for an online visa have been determined by the Turkish official authorities. Foreign countries must apply for a visa through Turkish foreign representatives. In electronic visa applications to be made over the Internet, the first thing you need to do is to specify the nationality and passport type information. This information, which you log into the system, is the first process to inquire whether you have an online visa opportunity or not. After entering the necessary information, you will see the duration of stay in Turkey and the tuition fee for the country you are a member of. After checking this information, you should continue with your visa application. Prerequisites for citizens of some countries have been determined by the Turkish authorities. These prerequisites are required to be provided by foreign nationals applying for a visa. If the prerequisites are not met by the applicant, the e-Visa process should not be continued. Although the conditions are not met, visa applications made by declaring that the conditions are met are deemed invalid.

    In the continuation of the Turkey visa application form, you must fill in the personal information field. In this area; your name, surname, date and place of birth, mother’s name, father’s name, passport number, passport issue date, passport validity date, e-mail address, phone number and residence address will be requested form you. It is important that you provide this information completely and accurately. Any wrong you make in the field of personal information may cause your visa to be invalid. Therefore, you have to be more careful. Subsequently, country-based documents are requested by the system. After the documents are uploaded to the system, you must complete the payment. Visa applications without payment are not considered valid. You can make your payment by credit or debit card. Make sure that your card is open for this use as you will make the payment in foreign currency. After making your payment, you can download the document of your visa on the post-transaction system or from the link sent to your e-mail. It is useful to have your visa with you in order not to experience any negativity while entering Turkey.

    About the application ..

    The pre-visa application form must be submitted to the Turkish foreign representatives abroad, as printed and signed. Together with the application form, you must submit all required documents to the representation office. All documents specified in the pre-application form must be prepared completely and accurately. If any of the mentioned documents are not found, your visa may result negatively.

    We tried to give information about the Turkey visa application form. If you want to get more detailed information about the subject or consultancy services on different subjects, you can reach us from the information in the communication section.